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 Zeison Sha

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PostSubject: Zeison Sha   01/09/14, 08:19 pm

(This thread is under reconstruction)

Zeison Sha
"If there ever was a sect of Force-users built for survival under harsh conditions, it is the Zeison Sha. Nearly two millennia before the rise of the Empire, a group of families fleeing the wars between the Jedi and the Sith escaped to a remote Outer Rim planet known as Yanibar. The group consisted mostly of families and friends of Jedi, who were potential targets of Sith attacks. The plan was to set up a home on the out-of-the-way world and wait for the Jedi to come for them once it was safe. However, the Jedi who set up the refuge were all killed in battle, and, as a result, the colony on Yanibar was left alone and forgotten."

"Yanibar was a harsh world of seasonal extremes―dry, blistering summers and frigid, wet winters. In the early years, the mixed group of beings struggled for survival, and thousands succumbed to an environment so extreme and fickle that most would consider the planet uninhabitable. However, the blood of the Jedi was strong among the colonists, and over the years many learned to channel their Force abilities to adapt to and overcome the environmental hardships of their world."

"As the centuries passed, the original reason for colonizing Yanibar faded into myth. The Zeison Sha, unaware that their original protectors had been killed, began to see their isolation as abandonment by the Jedi. Over the generations, the Jedi came to be viewed not as protective but as uncaring. Having already become rugged and self-sufficient in their life's trials, the Zeison Sha developed a philosophy of self-reliance and rejection of the Jedi. What was once a colony full of Jedi descendants became the roots of a philosophy that rejected the Jedi as protectors and took it upon themselves to provide strength and solidarity for the inhabitants of the refuge. This philosophy, and the lessons taught by Yanibar's harsh environment, became the basis of a new Force tradition. The Force flowed easily through many members of the society, and the Zeison Sha honed their skills to help the colony not only survive, but eventually to grow and prosper."

"After a few centuries, the planet's isolation lessened. It was discovered and occasionally visited by fringe traders. In time, Yanibar developed into an outpost between known space and the Unknown Regions. Visits were infrequent but grew over the course of decades. What was once a small settlement eventually became a well-populated fringe city and spaceport, though the inhabitants of the world still maintained a relative measure of anonymity. Some Zeison Sha, learning that the wars with the Sith were over, returned to the galaxy at large. They found, however, that the Jedi were all-too-eager to snatch their Force-sensitive children and turn them into disciples at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Many returned to Yanibar with angry stories of the Jedi, only bolstering the Zeison Sha's anti-Jedi philosophy. Those who continue to feel the need to travel the stars make sure to hide themselves from both the Jedi and, later, Darth Vader's hunting squads."

"The Yanibar colony is composed of a mix of Humans and non-Humans, but other species include Duros, Twi'lek, and Rodians, to name a few. The diversity of species living on Yanibar increased as some colonists left the planet to explore the galaxy and made its presence known to others."

―Star Wars: Hero's Guide (page 146).

"The chosen weapon of the Zeison Sha, the discblade is a potentially deadly projectile in the hands of a trained warrior. The discblade is actually a small, metal circle with handgrips on the top and bottom. Protruding from the sides of the disc are four thin blades, which curve back tightly, the tip of one blade almost touching the front edge of the next. The discblade flies straight when thrown, thanks to the aerodynamics of the weapon. A trained Zeison Sha can use his Force abilities to have the weapon return to his hand after he throws it, catching it at the end of his turn."

―Star Wars: Hero's Guide (page 122).

Zeison Sha Philosophy
"The Zeison Sha focus their teachings on self-reliance and independence. Following their perceived abandonment by the Jedi, the Zeison Sha came to be completely self-sufficient, and passed on to their descendants the ideals that allowed them to survive such harsh conditions. The Zeison Sha philosophy centers on being able to take care of oneself and one's family, teaching not only autonomy but also ways to manipulate the Force for one's own defense. In addition to the independence that is such a large part of their philosophy, the Zeison Sha encourage helping those in need; though each member of the community is expected to take care of himself, using one's powers to assist someone else is a noble and honorable pursuit."

―Star Wars: Hero's Guide (page 147).

Force Tradition
"Those members of the Yanibar colony who had the blood of the Jedi flowing in their veins eventually formed a loosely organized tradition that allowed them to train future generations in the ways of the Force. The Zeison Sha use their talents to fend off the dangers native to Yanibar and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Whether protecting a home from a violent storm or fending off a pack of wild Voorcats terrorizing an outlying region, the Zeison Sha train to ward off any threats. The Zeison Sha are masters of the telekinetic powers, and their training far surpasses that of many Jedi. Unfortunately, their philosophy of self-reliance has caused a number of losses to the dark side over the years. Self-sufficiency can quickly turn into selfishness, while independence from the Jedi Order transforms into bitterness and the incredible feats of telekinetic skill often lend themselves well to attack rather than defense. Dark Zeison Sha are not common, but every few years one or two trainees are lost to the dark side and must be turned back or eliminated."

―Star Wars: Hero's Guide (page 147).

"Typically, a Force-sensitive parent is charged with teaching her son or daughter the ways of the Zeison Sha. When a Force-sensitive child is born to non-Zeison Sha parents, the youth is assigned to an experienced member of the organization for Force training while still remaining at home to grow as an individual in a normal setting. An integral part of training is the use of the discblade, the chosen weapon of Zeison Sha warriors. The discblade is a focus for their discipline and telekinetic ability, and is a unique weapon that defines the Zeison Sha warriors as separate from the Jedi but powerful Force-users nonetheless. Most Force-based training of Zeison Sha warriors revolves around telekinetic ability: lifting large objects, protecting oneself (and others) from incoming projectiles, snatching objects from the hands of an enemy, and, of course, controlling the flight path of the discblade as it streaks towards a target."

―Star Wars: Hero's Guide (page 147).

Force Powers
"The Zeison Sha excel in powers that involve the manipulation of physical objects using the Force. They discovered for themselves a way to wrap the Force around their bodies so that they can resist damage from harmful objects. One power that gives the Zeison Sha warriors an edge in combat is the ability to make their discblades return to their hands when thrown; if he misses, a Zeison Sha can recover his weapon quickly and be prepared to hurl it again the following round. In fact, the sight of a Zeison Sha warrior hurling his discblade and having it return perfectly into his hand appears to be an amazing feat of athleticism when, in truth, it is little more than a logical application of the Force. They are masters of pushing, pulling, lifting, hurling, and smashing any perceived threats using the Force as an extension of their will. The Zeison Sha are capable of using telekinetic powers with such ease that it becomes almost second nature to them, and they are frequently able to perform task that normally seem difficult with an almost effortless grace."

―Star Wars: Hero's Guide (page 148).

Zeison Sha Warrior Prestige Class
"The most talented Force-Users among the Zeison Sha become warriors. They use their telekinetic powers to their fullest and are experienced masters of the discblade weapon. Many of the beings from the Yanibar colony owe their lives to the vigilance of powerful Zeison Sha warriors, and many in the galaxy at large who have encountered Zeison Sha traveling the stars can attest to their prowess. Though a few Zeison Sha warriors have turned to the dark side of the Force, the movement has remained a presence on its homeworld and has survived over the years despite threats from both the Jedi and the Empire."

―Star Wars: Hero's Guide (page 148).


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PostSubject: Re: Zeison Sha   09/10/14, 12:08 am

Woah, I'd like to see a Dark Zeison Sha!
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Zeison Sha
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